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Wine Australia


Australia is home to some of the oldest grape vines in the world. Known for excellence and authenticity, Australian wines express the passion and craftsmanship of our winemakers and diversity from our unrivalled land. Australia has more than 2600 wineries, dotted throughout 65 wine regions in the country. Our unique climate and vast landscape enables us to produce an incredibly diverse range of wines which can be seen in more than 100 different grape varieties.

Australia is lucky to have a freedom and creativity to our wine culture that helps us lead in innovation and produce high quality and bold wines. Our wines express the diversity of the people who craft them and the unique regional characteristics of their origins.

Our wine regions are scattered with multi-generational families whose long standing dedication provides inspiration, leadership and custodial care of some of the country’s most precious vines and wines. Each winemaker, old or young, has a story to tell about their vines.

Australian wine offers something to suit all tastes. Discover some of the world's oldest shiraz vineyards in South Australia's Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, or award-winning Chardonnay in Western Australia's Margaret River. Visit the Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine growing region with more than 150 wineries producing world class wines. Taste spectacular sparkling wine from Tasmania and acclaimed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. Rutherglen is also home to magnificent fortified wines that are worth trying.

Wine Australia supports Australian winemakers by investing in research and development, assisting with exports, market support and promoting and raising the profile of Australian wine domestically and internationally.