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The Sustainable Restaurant Award was introduced in 2013 and recognises a restaurant within The World's 50 Best Restaurants list that demonstrates the highest environmental and social responsibility rating. The rating is determined with reference to audit partner the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Global Rating System.

The SRA uses its industry-recognised Food Made Good Sustainability Rating to assess restaurants across three main pillars:

Sourcing recognises restaurants celebrating local, sourcing fish responsibly, serving more vegetables and better meat, supporting global farmers

Environment: recognises restaurants that value natural resources, reduce, reuse and recycle and don’t waste food

Society: focuses on restaurants treating staff well, using their influence at the top end of the industry to promote sustainable dining, supporting the community

Only restaurants in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants who complete the rating are considered for the award. The winner is the restaurant that best demonstrates that it is doing good as well as serving incredible food. In 2017, all restaurants from the 50 Best and 51-100 list are eligible to apply.

Past winners are:

2017: Septime

2016: Relae

2015: Relae

2014: Azurmendi

2013: Narisawa

Find out more about the 2017 winner, Septime.

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