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Sustainable Restaurant Award 2016

Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark

Chef Christian Puglisi's unbeatable approach to sustainability

While sustainability is imbued in everything that makes Relae one of the best restaurants in the world, that insight still doesn’t do  justice to the extraordinary dedication of Christian Puglisi and his team. 

The now two-time winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award certainly hasn’t been resting on its laurels in Copenhagen since lifting the crown at last year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards. Not content with being the only Michelin-starred certified organic restaurant, co-owners Kim Rossen and chef Puglisi have gone all out and started their own organic farm, 45 minutes out of town. 

The very first vegetables from Relae’s land have already started appearing on the plates – which are in turn made by a potter just yards from the restaurant.  It won’t be long before diners can enjoy veal, beef, pork and chicken all reared on the farm.

It’s the attention to every last detail that puts Relae head and shoulders above the competition. Which other restaurant would designits own chefs’ aprons, hand-sewn in Denmark, from high-tech fabrics that are dirt and water repellent so they require less washing? And how many restaurants save the leftover filtered water for the staff to drink as well as have their wine, all of which is organic or biodynamic, delivered by bicycle?

There’s simply no end to the smart thinking at Relae, which always has a dual goal; serving customers the best food while having the lowest possible environmental impact. The chickens they source (organic, of course) feed on the used coffee grounds from the restaurant, which have already been used as compost for growing mushrooms. The naturally leavened organic sourdough bread is no longer baked in the restaurant. That’s because they’ve opened their own bakery just 2km up the road, and guess what, it arrives by bike

With more than 90% of its ingredients from suppliers using fully organic production methods, sustainable fish, Fairtrade sugar and salt produced using no chemical intervention, it’s little surprise Relae wins The Sustainable Restaurant Award for a second year running.

The Sustainable Restaurant Award is given to the restaurant on the 50 Best list with the highest environmental and social responsibility rating, as ranked by audit partner the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). Relae follows in the footsteps of the 2014 victor, Azurmendi in Larrabetzu, northern Spain.

Environmental elite

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The Sustainable Restaurant Association is an internationally respected and renowned industry body dedicated to putting sustainability at the heart of restaurant operations.